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Discopad Mixer App Interface

믹싱 앱 인터페이스 디자인

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  • Aug 26, 2020
  • Hyunhwa Jeong
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믹싱 앱 인터페이스 디자인


Personal project to express the music mixer application with Adobe Creative Suit.

This is not real products.

Open "" with Adobe Illustrator. All modules are included that file.

Working details :

UI Design : Adobe Illustrator
Compositing : Adobe Photoshop


Hyunhwa Jeong

Rough sketch:

You can find this sketch up solution with

Concept Mock-Up:

You can find this mock up solution with

Main Interface:

Default interface

Main Interface:

Default interface with disk menu

Scratching Interface:

Default interface with scratching disk

Search Interface:

Media search with dimmed out main interface