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Senior interactive motion and graphic designer from Korea, currently living in Seoul. Working as VDAS instructor. I am passionate about creating motion on the web. (like GSAP), problem-solving by coding and beautiful design.

Check it out my latest work The Walking Dead experimental scroll animation project.

Artwork & Coding by Hyunhwa Jung
Visual Design and Art School Logo Academy of Art University Logo
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Web & UI

CSS3 : Animation
CSS Animation : keyframes & animation
CSS3 : 3D Transform
CSS Animation : 3D Transform
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Inside Web Animation

CSS Jump Start

포지셔닝 : Flexbox
Position : Flexbox
HTML 웹 페이지 만들기
Making HTML Web Page
포지셔닝 : Position
Position : Position


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Extracting for category list
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Managing for contents file
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Making sidebar